CALMRA serves adults, age 18 years or older, with cognitive disabilities. Many of the individuals we serve also have physical disabilities. These individuals require 24-hour assistance in all areas of living; eating, bathing, dressing, transportation, etc. Individuals live with one or two housemates and receive support from trained, paid, and caring staff.  In October of 2009, CALMRA opened a day program in Laurel, MD to provide day services to seniors or those with age-related disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and/or physical disabilities.

CALMRA was formed to meet a need – providing residential services to individuals living with their families and whose families, because of age, health, or other reasons, could no longer care for them.

In order to meet this need, CALMRA entered into a partnership with the State of Maryland, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and serves individuals from State Residential Centers as well as the community.

Initially, for the first few years, CALMRA operated as a partner with the ARC of Prince George’s County. CALMRA entered into corporate independence on July 1, 1996.

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