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Elsie becomes Honorary Rotary Club member

The Rotary Club of Prince George’s County inducted Elsie Ziepolt, CALMRA participant and Board member, as an Honorary Rotarian. President Olive Onwukwe is shown awarding Elsie with a plaque and a Rotary Honorary member pin. President Olive stated “Elsie makes almost every meeting and is very committed to our Club.” Elsie was given a wonderful round of applause as she was inducted into the Club by Assistant District Governor Nomi. Elsie said she loves to attend meetings and talk about things. She is active with Rotary events and has participated in civic activities such as picking up trash and Rotary picnics. She hopes to attend the convention next year.


Bianca Gatten-Rivers and Julie Kenney regularly participate in Social Clubs with MNCPPC (Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission). They were surprised and honored when they received a call from Emily Lawrence, Director of the Social Clubs and she asked them if they would be willing to participate in a virtual commercial for their new Aquatic Center! The new facility is the Southern Regional Aquatic Wellness Center, located at 7011 Bock Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744. Of course, the ladies were happy to do it! Audra, Allview house CLS, accompanied them to the special event, and she ended up in the video as well. While there, they were treated like superstars! They loved it and were very excited to know that they participated in an actual commercial for M-NCPPC! Bianca was asked to demonstrate the new lift equipment getting in and out of the water and using the adult size changing table. Julie joined in the fun by demonstrating water aerobics with other staff members. They did an Awesome Job! We are so proud of them! The whole ad is now posted on the M-NCPPC website. We hope you enjoy it. Especially since you may know some of the Stars :)

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If you or your loved one is in need of residential and/or support services from us, please do not hesitate to submit your request online.

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Donations go a long way. Your generous action can make a lot of individuals with disabilities receive the support they need.

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Welcome to CALMRA, Inc.

CALMRA, Inc. is a community-based residential service provider. We provide homes and services to adults with cognitive disabilities in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, Maryland.


The mission of CALMRA, Inc. is to improve the lives of persons with cognitive disabilities by providing the highest quality residential and other support services in an ethical and loving environment.


It is our vision to establish a community where persons with cognitive disabilities are able to live fuller and more independent lives through the programs that CALMRA, Inc. offers.

CALMRA, Inc. is proud to have earned the MD Nonprofits Standards for Excellence for adhering to the highest standards of ethics, effectiveness, and accountability.

About Us
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CALMRA, Inc. facilitates programs that focus on addressing the needs of individuals with cognitive disabilities. We make sure that they are receiving proper care and support according to their unique situations. Our staff will provide assistance to these individuals through the following services:

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Email: tmoney@calmra.org

Adults with cognitive disabilities are able to receive quality residential services within the homes we operate.

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Mary Solko Senior Center

Email: SThompson@calmra.org

We aim to create an environment where seniors with cognitive disabilities are able to engage in fun, stimulating activities.

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