Becoming a member of CALMRA means having a say in how the organization is run. CALMRA members vote for our board members and also have a vote pertaining to any significant changes with CALMRA. CALMRA members get a tax deduction for their membership fee, the knowledge they are helping some of our most vulnerable citizens, voting rights in agency business, and on-going information via our newsletter and emails. 2020 and 2021 were particularly difficult due to the COVID Pandemic, however, through employee dedication and family support, CALMRA managed to safely maintain our services.  Please become a member to help us with this ongoing issue and many more we face. 

To become a member, please proceed to our DONATIONS page to pay by credit card.  If you would prefer to pay by check – please send your check to 14100 Laurel Park Drive, Laurel, MD 20707.  Please include your name, address, phone and email and the level of membership you would prefer:

  • $25 – Member level
  • $40 – Family level 
  • $50-$99 – Sustaining Level
  • $100- $199 – President’s Club
  • $200+ – Sponsor Level


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